We build technologies that improve human health, productivity and quality of life. Our products include an online platform to connect people face-to-face, a wearable A.I. for discrete social coaching, and algorithms to help build effective teams. We also offer a range of technical and strategic consulting services. Mobile visitors, see navbar in top left.

Our Technologies

A.I. Coach

In 2015, we built Connect, a platform to help people meet new friends. Connect arranges face-to-face meetings between people over a free lunch. It has created nearly 10,000 connections to date. In 2017, we developed an A.I. social coach that predicts the mood of a conversation (patent pending). The work was featured in The Wall Street Journal, MIT News, and other venues.

The Team

The Maven

Ghamut was founded by Dr. Mohammad Ghassemi and Tuka Alhanai. We created The Maven, an A.I. that is part of our team.



We feel honored to have recieved several awards acknowledging our work and its impact. Most recently, we were a winner of the prestegious MassChallenge.

Previous Partners, Employers, and Clients

Boston Talent Group

We enjoy working with clients (big and small) on problems that require both technical expertise and strategic thinking. Members of our team have helped organizations develop product concepts, build prototypes, analyze data, and explore market penetration strategies.

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