Value-centered Data Science Approach

We use a tried and tested process to drive data science value. Your goals are translated to solutions that automate, augment, and accelerate capabilities:

1. Automation

Identify tasks that benefit from automation and develop machine-based approaches to perform them.

2. Augmentation

Combine human and machine capabilities to create more value than either human or machines can alone.

3. Insight

Develop tools that allow human experts in your organization to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Project Phases

A typical engagement lasts for 16 weeks, but depends on your needs:

  1. Exploration - typically 2 weeks
    We explore how data science and technology can deliver long-term value to your organization.

  2. Exploitation - typically 12 weeks
    We deliver automation, augmentation, and insight solutions that achieve the greatest long-term data science value.

  3. Integration - typically 2 weeks
    We integrate solutions within your ecosystem, and assess the impact of the work on your key business metrics.

We can help you spend less time curating data / models and more time focusing on your core business operations.

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